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Staining your deck every couple of years helps to keep it in peak condition. You'll need a couple of dry days and a handful of materials, failing to keep up with stain and/or sealant can result in mildew, added wear and tear, and warping.

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When someone is injured on your property, whether it is due to a rug, loose steps, cracks on the sidewalk, or nasty weather conditions, you are obligated to address the injury and possible insurance claim right away. If someone is injured, it can be a delicate situation.

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If you have damage that currently falls below the threshold covered by your hurricane deductible it’s still a good idea to submit a claim. You can allow the damage you currently need to repair to be banked toward your hurricane deductible should there be multiple named storms.

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In the summer, grasses like St. Augustine, often turn yellow. It's caused by a lack of nitrogen. Applying iron sulfate or chelated iron to your lawn will give it a dark green color. The effect from supplemental iron application is temporary, repeat applications are necessary. .

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Give your gas grill a deep cleaning, turn the heat up to high and let the grill cook with the lid closed 30 minutes. Allow the grill to cool and then brush it off with a grill brush. Wipe down the exterior with a damp sponge and a gentle cleanser. Clean the grill's drip pans.

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Get your chimney cleaned!. Yes, you might not use your fireplace again until fall or winter, but that’s exactly why this is the perfect time to call a chimney cleaning service. They won’t be as busy! One of the best kept summer secrets!

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