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Refrigerator Cleaning

The Dragonbelle Housekeeping Team will do the following when cleaning your refrigerator.

  We ask that you purge the inside of your fridge of any expired items before we arrive. Be sure to  regularly check through the products in the refrigerator and throw out anything that is out of date. Moldy foods can contaminate other items and you do not want the housekeeper to put it back in  your clean refrigerator.

• Our housekeepers will remove each and every item from your refrigerator shelves, wipe every item  clean and put back in fridge with the label facing out.

•  Take out the shelves and refrigerator drawers and wipe them clean.

•  Wipe clean bottom grille/kick plate.

• We will leave a small baking soda box at the bottom of your fridge to help with odors, we  recommend you change the box monthly.

*We recommend you vacuum the bottom grille/kick plate of your refrigerator twice a year to clean the dust from the condenser coils. It can Increase the efficiency of your fridge and save you in electricity cost. Make sure your refrigerator is unplugged before you do this.

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